2019 Summer Newsletter

Everything seemed to be going well for Greg and Sarah.  They had just purchased their first home a year ago and their daughter was adjusting well to first grade.  They were excited when they found out they would be having another baby and started to save as much money as they could.  They began getting their home ready and their seven year old daughter, Emma, was excited to become a big sister.  Unfortunately, their joy was short lived.  During Sarah’s second trimester of pregnancy, she began experiencing sharp pains and knew something was wrong. At her Doctor’s visit they were told, due to medical complications, the baby would need to be delivered immediately.  At 23 weeks, Natalie was born weighing only 2 pounds 1 ounce.  Despite dealing with lung disease, a heart murmur, difficulty breathing on her own, and problems with her eyes, Natalie continued to fight for her life.  With all the unexpected medical bills, they did not have enough funds to make their next mortgage payment and they did not know what they were going to.  Cradle of Hope stepped in to help this family with their mortgage payment and after four months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Natalie went home with her family.

“This was the worst situation we’ve had to deal with and we didn’t know what this would mean for our family. We are so grateful to Cradle of Hope. We have our home and our family. Thank you so much!” -S

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