Give to the Max Day 2019

  • Give to the Max Day is here!  

  • From November 1 to November 14 our goal is to raise $7,130

  • for our “Hope Crusade” fundraiser.  

With your support we can help these families…


Family #1 – Rent & Car Repairs: $1,600 Needed

Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and because of this mom does not feel as prepared for baby #3.  Mom lost her job because the business where she worked closed.   She was able to find part time work but is still searching for 40 hours each week.  Due to her limited ability to pump, she now has to use formula which costs more money.  Her husband recently had a pancreas transplant due to his Diabetes.  Unfortunately, the first transplant was not successful and with the second transplant the donor had e coli.   As a result, he lost his job but is actually working now.  Insurance got messed up and they wouldn’t pay for his medication.  Their resources are limited and their electricity was recently turned off.  Mom made arrangements to have it turned back on and has been working on things with the insurance company.  She is limited on what she has for her baby but thinks they will be ok.  Now they have car trouble and are faced with a $700 repair bill.  They need to pay this or it will impact getting to work.  With this unexpected expense, they need help paying for their rent.  Mom has had to increase her medication for anxiety and depression.  Any help you can provide would be so appreciated.

Family #2 – Rent:  $1,457 Needed

When my boyfriend left me when I was 5 months pregnant, I was scared and didn’t know what I was going to do.  He was supposed to help me and I felt so alone.  I was working as much as I could to save as much money as I could.  I knew my job did not offer any maternity leave so things would be tight.  When my baby was born, I managed to pay my September and October bills by tapping into my savings.  I pay all my own infant and living expenses but an unable to cover the cost for my full rent of 1457.70 for November.  I found someone who can watch my beautiful baby and my job is willing to give me more hours so I will be ok if I can just get help for this one month of rent.

Family #3 – Rent:  $1,100 Needed

“Sarah” is a single mom of two children ages 12 and 3 months.  She returned to work after 4 weeks of giving birth but her day care was unreliable so she voluntarily resigned.  She applied for child care assistance and her application is still pending.  She plans to return to work in a few weeks when her child care assistance has been approved.  She also has an another job lined up so she’ll be working full time.  She just received a letter from her landlord that if she doesn’t pay her rent on time he’ll start the eviction process.  Each day is a struggle but she is really trying and can see the light.  Any help you can provide toward her rent would be so helpful

Family #4 – Rent:  $973 Needed

I have been working as a server at a restaurant.   Due to my pregnancy, it is difficult to be rushing on my feet all day, especially now that I am in my third trimester.   My employer noticed that it was difficult for me and as a result, cut my hours and put me on call.  So if they are not busy, they call me to tell me not to come in.  This makes it extremely difficult to pay my bills.  I have been applying for other jobs but it is really hard to find a job when you are three months pregnant.  My baby should arrive any day now and thankfully, I do have someone that can watch her so I can start working again.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  If you could help with my rent, I would be so thankful.

Family #5 – Rent:  $1,000 Needed

Mom plans to return to work when she is medically cleared.  She is in the process of applying for social security disability because she has Stage 5 Renal Kidney Failure and was scheduled for a transplant prior to getting pregnant.  She has had seven hospitalizations during her pregnancy and was not able to work consistently.  She then delivered early at 35 weeks.  Her baby is doing well and mom is hanging in there.  Some days are better than others but she is still hopeful about her future.  She is on her own so anything you can do to help with her rent is appreciated so she experience some relief.

10 Portable Cribs: $1,000 Needed

Each year 3,700 babies die from sleep related deaths.  To prevent this, we distribute portable cribs and provide safe sleep education.  In one day, we received 10 applications for portable cribs from families who can’t afford a safe place for their babies to sleep.  Each portable crib costs $100.

Any amount will help!

100% of funds raised will help Cradle of Hope families.

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Thank You for your support on Give to the Max Day!!!
We raised $805 to encourage life and support families in crisis before, during, and after birth!