You can save a life! Your support provides hope to a family that once felt alone and desperate.

  • HELP US RAISE $15,000
  • from November 1 – November 16
  • so we can:
  • ——————————————————————————
  • Distribute 100 Portable cribs.
  • Distribute 50 wellness baskets.
  • Save the lives of 150 babies.
  • Provide hope to 150 families who feel alone and desperate.
  • Support, encourage, and assist 150 women in carrying
  • their pregnancies to term and caring for their babies after birth.
  • —————————————————————————–

“I would like to say thank you for all your support and help.  I have hit a rough patch in my life with a death of a teenager, being a mother of an 11 year old, and expecting in August 2017. Things can begin to feel negative. I honestly feel confident in the support I received and just wanted to say no words will ever describe how I am feeling but the help was right on time. I will share this experience with the world and tell anyone I know that is down on their luck. Thanks for me and my family.” -R


(We have matching gifts totaling $2,500 if we can raise $2,500 during this time!)


One Golden Ticket of $1,000 will be awarded through a random drawing of all donations transacted each hour on November 16, 2017.

One Super-Sized Golden Ticket of $10,000 will be awarded, drawn randomly from all donations made through from November 1, 2017 to November 16, 2017.

$500 Golden Tickets will be awarded during the first 15 days of scheduled giving from November 1 to November 15.  Make your Give to the Max Day gift early for an extra opportunity to win! One random winner will be selected each day from November 1 – November 15 and $500 will be added to their gift.


Dear Friends of Cradle of Hope,

Two weeks after finding out she was pregnant, Alicia was
laid off from work and learned her pregnancy was high
risk. With frequent hospital visits, the bills were piling up.
Thoughts of divorce crossed her mind as the bill collectors
continued to call. She felt helpless.

I think we can all remember a time in our lives when we
have experienced pain or difficulties. However, there is
usually someone in our lives who can support us, just
enough, so we can make it. The families who seek help
from Cradle of Hope need you to be their support.

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there’s always tomorrow

You just call on me “mama,” when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you’ll understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on
(Lean On Me – By Bill Withers)

Please join us in supporting the decision for life by contributing
to our Sustaining Fund Drive so we can help families
like Alicia’s. Your gift, in any amount, will make a difference!

To learn more about Cradle of Hope read our 2017 CoH Newsletter.

Join Heartbeats of Hope

A special group of monthly donors who are committed to saving a baby’s life and investing in moms throughout Minnesota. For as little as 50 cents per day ($15 per month), you can help provide pregnant women with hope so they will choose life for their unborn babies and feel supported for this decision. This year, funds raised through Heartbeats of Hope will be used to distribute portable cribs throughout Minnesota and ensure that every baby has a safe place to sleep. CLICK HERE to join us today!



We Need to Move Offices!

Because of the overwhelming support of the Cradle of Hope network, and our vision for a bright future for mothers in need, we are in need of new office space.  Currently, we share a space with the Maguire Agency, who have generously allowed us to use their space to operate this important mission.  However, our space does not allow us to meet directly with clients and accomplish all the goals we have to effectively meet the needs of our Mothers.  Here are some of the things we need in order to enact our mission:

  • Minimum of 1300 sq ft (1600 would be ideal)
  • 3 private offices
  • 1 training room, which can also be used for volunteer groups to assemble wellness baskets, board, development/financial committee meetings, meeting with potential funders and partnering agencies, etc.
  • Reception area to greet visitors and clients
  • The suite or space must be secured via keys or pass-cards, or other similar system.  Being part of a larger space used by others would not work well.
  • If utilities are not also included, we would need to know these costs (heating, AC, electric, responsible for HVAC & other repairs, etc.)
  • Updated wiring for computers & phones
  • If offices are not large enough to accommodate storage of portable cribs, wellness baskets, and development supplies, then additional secured storage within the space.
  • Located conveniently near bus lines and public transit, so clients can easily access our site.

We have identified a few potential sites, but desired to reach out to our network stakeholders and donors, to see if anyone has anything that they could offer to this important cause.  If you have a property in mind, please reach out to before Friday, August 11 with suggestions.


Cradle of Hope Board of Directors


Attention all coffee drinkers!

Every time you take a sip please think about Cradle of Hope.

Pregnant women and infants need your help…

  • Commit to donating to Cradle of Hope on a recurring basis to
  • replace the amount you spend toward purchasing a coffee each week or each month.
  • (The donation you make will go directly toward helping
  • a pregnant mom choose life for her unborn baby.)
  • $5 per week
  • (the cost of 1 “fancy” coffee drink each week)
  • $20 per month
  • (the cost of 10 coffees in one month)
  • $60 per month
  • (the cost of one coffee per day in one month)



At Cradle of Hope, we value the importance of motherhood. We know that being a mom is not an easy job, especially if you are faced with financial difficulties. This Mother’s Day, why not do something different and honor the special moms in your life by helping others?


Do Something Different

This Mother’s Day!



    so moms-to-be will receive the financial and material support
  • they need to deliver their babies and become empowered as moms.


  • Pot O’ Gold Sweepstakes  

  • Special thanks to our sponsors and all those who contributed!
  • Amount raised:  coming soon…

SW Cal for Web

  • List of Winners:

  • March 1st – Jen Nagorski – $75 (donated by Flaherty’s Arden Bowl)
  • March 2nd – Paul Malay – $125 (donated by Flaherty’s Arden Bowl)
  • March 3rd – Walt & Cathy Mills – $50 (donated by Premium Painting & Decorating –
  • March 4th – Patty Sheehan – $200 (donated by North American Banking Company)
  • March 5th – Thomas Speltz – $50 (donated by John & Nancy Orme)
  • March 6th – Diane Kiefer  – $50 (donated by St Paul Corner Drug)
  • March 7th – Debra & Kevin Forster – $150 (donated by SevenHills Benefit Partners)
  • March 8th –  John Barry – $75 (donated by Metzger Building Materials)
  • March 9th –  Carol Seifert – $100 (donated by Jeff & Linda Warner)
  • March 10th –  Sarai Violet – $50 (donated by John & Charlene Gralish)
  • March 11th –  Patrick Bowlin – $50 (donated by Culver’s of St Anthony)
  • March 12th –  Linn & Angela Ahrendt – $200 (donated by Jeff & Linda Warner)
  • March 13th –  Mario & Kathy Ignagni – $50 (donated by Conny’s Creamy Cone)
  • March 14th –  Karen Kendrick – $75 (donated by Metzger Building Materials)
  • March 15th –  Barb Carlson – $50 (donated by Premium Painting & Decorating –
  • March 16th –  Elaine Monitor – $50 (donated by John & Nancy Orme)
  • March 17th –  Susan Irber – $350 (donated by Greenhaven Printing)
  • March 18th –  Rose Welter – $50 (donated by Jim & Sue Cassidy)
  • March 19th –  Mike Gude – $75 (donated by Greenhaven Printing)
  • March 20th –  Diana Moravitz  – $50 (donated by John & Charlene Gralish)
  • March 21st –  Rich Thielman – $150 (donated by Culver’s of St Anthony)
  • March 22nd – Harold Mullen – $50 (donated by Jim & Sue Cassidy)
  • March 23rd – Sam Schneider – $50 (donated by Conny’s Creamy Cone)
  • March 24th – Richard Kueppers – $100 (donated by SevenHills Benefit Partners)
  • March 25th – DiAnn Wold – $100 (donated by Jeff & Linda Warner)
  • March 26th – Wayne Thalhuber – $50 (donated by North American Banking Company)
  • March 27th –  Bernie Reardon – $100 (donated by Jeff & Linda Warner)
  • March 28th –  Bill Kusterman – $50 (donated by St Paul Corner Drug)
  • March 29th –  Katie Doran – $150 (donated by Metzger Building Materials)
  • March 30th –  Nancy Cullen – $75 (donated by Greenhaven Printing)
  • March 31st –  Carol Jordan – $500 (donated by Warners’ Stellian Appliance)

Cradle of Hope’s 1st annual…


An evening of fun festivities including dinner, Irish music, and auction.

All proceeds benefit Cradle of Hope pregnant women and moms with infants who need our support so they will choose life for their unborn babies and receive the ongoing support they need.

We raised



Donations are still accepted:


 (All donations are tax deductible.)


“Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” – Zuzu Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life)

You’re a Cradle of Hope Angel!

“I was so ashamed to ask for help and I wouldn’t have asked if my intentions were not to work hard and better my situation.  I am so thankful for the rent assistance provided to my children and I.  Aside from my faith in God, I didn’t know where I would search for help when I unexpectedly became a one income household in January of this year.  I honestly can’t think of anything to say to explain how thankful I am.  I pray that Cradle of Hope continues to be blessed beyond belief as well as everyone who is a part of it and who helps single and expecting mothers like me.  You have given my daughter, my unborn son, and myself so much relief and hope.  I am forever grateful and humbled.” (D.T. – CoH Client)

Your ongoing support has helped to save lives and provide hope to families in crisis just like “D.T.”.


  • We are hoping some angels will help us raise $28,000 by 12/31/16.
  • -Provide 28 families with rent assistance & the ability to stay in their homes during their pregnancy.
  • -Provide 28 families with hope & the ability to truly enjoy their Christmas.
  • If you’re considering an end of the year gift to Cradle of Hope don’t forget to check with your employer to see if your gift can be matched and double your impact!




The Cradle of Hope (CoH) Giving Tree was created so all ages could participate in experiencing

the joy of giving and the impact of saving lives.


  • If you prefer, you could make a donation and we could purchase items on your behalf.
  • Click Here to DONATE

Make this a family or group project by reading the book, “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein and then gathering items together.  You will feel good knowing that you helped save the life of a baby and transform a family’s future!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking here.



I am happy to report that because of supporters like you, we exceeded our goal for Give to the Max Day 2016 and were able to raise $12,500! 

This means we are able to do the following:

Distribute 132 portable cribs

Distribute 26 wellness baskets

Save the lives of 158 babies

Provide hope to 158 families who fell alone and desperate

  • Support, encourage, and assist 158 women in carrying their pregnancies to term
  • and caring for their babies after birth.

You can still make a donation and help us to save 60 more lives by 12/31/16!


Date: 8/25/16 – 12/31/16

Cradle of Hope needs your help to save lives! 

Our 2016 goals are to raise $300,000 to provide financial and material assistance to approximately 1,500 families in crisis, especially those who might not choose life for their unborn babies. 

We still need to raise $29,814 to provide support for 150 families.

Click Here to DONATE


More details will be provided as they become available.  Coming soon…Fall 2018.