Cynthia Godin

In Loving Memory

Cynthia came to Cradle of Hope with over 15 years of program management experience. She worked with local communities, nonprofit agencies, governmental agencies and advocates to develop statewide human services programs. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in child psychology and a Master of Arts degree in human services administration. Prior to Cradle of Hope, Cynthia developed an innovative jobs and social services program for women with children living in Hennepin County, had over 13 years of policy experience with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and was the state director for the implementation of integrated mental health and addiction services. From 2016-2023, Cynthia worked at Cradle of Hope. She was passionate about Cradle of Hope’s mission and excited to collaborate with others to provide support for families facing crises. She helped Cradle of Hope expand partnerships with over 200 agencies throughout Minnesota including 7 of the 11 Minnesota Tribes so all Minnesotans had access to the supports they needed. Her calm and compassionate disposition enabled many women to choose LIFE for their babies. Cynthia has helped to save the lives of 31,450 moms and babies in crisis. Her legacy is amazing and she’ll be missed dearly!

Cynthia Godin – Obituary