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Committee Members

Cradle of Hope is governed by a board of directors made up of four officers and members whose primary purpose is to oversee the organization and to help raise funds. The board utilizes a committee system comprised of three committees: Executive, Finance, and Development.  Issues are delegated to committees with special expertise. The committees research and review each particular issue and make recommendations to the full board where all decisions are made by majority rule.


Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is responsible for helping the Board accomplish its work in the most efficient way possible. The Committee facilitates decision making in between Board meetings or in the case of a crisis or other urgent circumstances. The Executive Committee consists of a cohesive group of our board’s leaders whom the Executive Director can go to for quick feedback on matters that aren’t ready for formal, full board deliberation. The Executive Committee consists of the Board President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Finance Committee:

The  Finance Committee is responsible for supporting the Treasurer in his/her job. In addition, the Finance Committee collaborates to prepare regular financial reports as directed by the Board, completes all financial documents and reporting as required by the state of MN, and ensures that Cradle of Hope operates in a fiscally responsible manner. The Finance Committee consists of the Board Treasurer and at least three individuals with a sound finance and/or business background.

Development Committee:

The Development Committee is responsible for supporting the work of the Development Director and all development related events and initiatives. The Development Committee helps to spread awareness of Cradle of Hope, to involve others with Cradle of Hope, to brainstorm potential ideas, and to evaluate development events and initiatives. The Development Committee consists of the Board Secretary and at least 6 individuals who enjoy participating in fundraising events in different capacities.


If you are interested in joining Cradle of Hope’s Finance Committee or Development Committee please contact the Executive Director at 651-636-3127. We welcome those who share in our mission and who are eager to get involved.