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Safe Sleep Videos

  • Portable Crib Demonstration & Video
  • Safe Sleep Information & Video
  • SleepSack Information & Video

  • Portable Crib Demo.

  • Please watch this video which demonstrates how to set up and take down a portable crib. Be sure to remember
  • Pop, Lock, and Drop
  • To Set Up:
  • 1. POP out the sides
  • 2. LOCK the sides into place. 
  • 2. DROP the center down.
  • To Take Down:
  • 1. POP the center up.
  • 2. UNLOCK the sides.
  • 3. DROP down the sides.


  • Click HERE to watch a video
  • about portable crib set up and take down.

Safe Sleep Info.

Please watch this video to learn about Safe Sleep practices.

SleepSack Info.

Please watch this video to learn more about SleepSacks.  Since your baby needs to be alone in the crib (no blankets), you can use a SLEEPSACK ensuring that your baby is warm and safe.