We’re here to help! Are you pregnant, overwhelmed, and a Minnesota resident? Locate a Partnering Agency near you to apply for Cradle of Hope services.

Utility Bills

Cradle of Hope provides assistance with utilities such as gas, oil, and electric.


  1. You must be a MN resident.
  2. You must be facing a crisis related to a pregnancy or birth of a child under 4 months.

 You need to be able to explain how you’ve been paying your bills with your own income and then something happened (related to the pregnancy or birth) resulting in you being behind on your bills.

Required Documents:

  1. Employment documentation letting us know when you are returning to or starting employment (info should include start date, rate, and hrs). This will show us how you will be paying your bills after you receive assistance. If you’ve already returned to work then 4 weeks worth of pay stubs will be acceptable.
  2. You must explain why you are no longer working due to your pregnancy or birth of the baby OR provide medical documentation explaining the crisis that is related to the pregnancy or birth of the baby.

Applications are accepted by CoH Partnering Agency Staff only (not individuals) so you must meet with one of CoH’s Partnering Agencies to apply.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance for cell phones or cable bills.

How to Apply:

1.  Locate a CoH partnering agency near you. You can click on CoH’s interactive map to locate an agency near you. Click Here for our map. (be sure to zoom out to view all available agencies near you)


2.  Call the partnering agency first. Hours and processes may vary and some agencies may require you to make an appointment or bring specific information.

3.  Meet with Partnering Agency staff. During your first meeting with a Partnering Agency, they will assess your needs and explore all of the available resources that you may need including whether or not you are eligible for CoH services.  

4. Apply for Cradle of Hope assistance. Partnering Agencies will help you apply for Cradle of Hope assistance if you are eligible.  

**We will be accepting financial requests for rent assistance ONLY.

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*Partially funded by the Minnesota Department of Health.