We’re here to help! Are you pregnant, overwhelmed, and a Minnesota resident? Locate a Partnering Agency near you to apply for Cradle of Hope services.

Utility Bills

Cradle of Hope provides assistance with utilities such as gas, oil, and electric.


  • You must be a MN resident.
  • You must be facing a crisis related to a pregnancy or birth of a child under 4 months.

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 Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance for cell phones or cable bills.

How to Apply:

1.  Locate a Pregnancy Resource Center (CoH partnering agency) near you.Pregnancy Resource Centers who partner with CoH provide parenting and/or life coaching programs for pregnant women and families with newborns.  You must be participating in a pregnancy resource center’s program in order to apply for financial assistance from Cradle of Hope. They will also provide you with ongoing support and various resources that can help prevent your crisis from happening again.  Click Here for our map.phone-photo

2.  Call the partnering agency first.  Work hours and processes may vary and some may even require you to make an appointment or bring specific information.

3.  Meet with Partnering Agency staff.  During your first meeting with a Partnering Agency, they will assess your needs and explore all of the available resources that you may need.  

4. Apply for Cradle of Hope assistance.  In addition to providing you with ongoing support, Partnering Agencies will help you apply for Cradle of Hope assistance.  Please keep in mind that Cradle of Hope applications will only be reviewed if they are submitted by Partnering Agency staff.  At this time, you are not able to submit an application on your own.  We want to make sure that you have someone who is located close by and who is available to help you every step of the way. 


**In 2022, we will be accepting financial requests for rent assistance ONLY.