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The Heartbeat Award

The Heartbeat Award is Cradle of Hope’s highest honor awarded to those individuals who demonstrate years of dedication and devotion to helping pregnant women choose life. 

  • 2018 Heartbeat Award
  • The Clysdale Family and Maguire Agency

The Clysdale Family has been involved with Cradle of Hope since it was founded by their friend and neighbor, Ann Dickinson.  Charles “Chuck” and Sharon Clysdale involved their children, Matt, Cathy, Chris, David, and Ann, and as a family they become invested in helping families in crisis to experience hope.  They spent countless hours in their home trying to determine how they could financially help pregnant women who were in serious need of help due to unplanned pregnancies.  When the Clysdale family took ownership of Maguire Agency in the 1970’s they graciously donated use of their office space for Cradle of Hope.  Maguire Agency’s approach is refreshingly different and surprisingly personal.  “We believe the more we know about you, what you value and your potential risks, the better suited your insurance coverage will be.”  To this day, the Clysdale Family and Maguire Agency continue to help Cradle of Hope achieve our mission. Chris Clysdale served as Cradle of Hope’s Board President for several years, Cathy Clysdale assists with our accounting needs, and Matt Clysdale, the current President of Maguire Agency, continues to involve others with Cradle of Hope to help raise financial and materially support so Cradle of Hope can continue to operate and save lives!


  • 2017 Heartbeat Award
  • Ann Dickinson

Cradle of Hope was founded by St. Paulite Ann Russell Dickinson in 1973 after she witnessed pregnant women who were in serious need of help due to unplanned pregnancies.  Using a $5,000 inheritance, she began to help five pregnant women. Since then, Cradle of Hope has allocated over $5 million to more than 25,000 Minnesota women who needed assistance as they faced a challenging pregnancy or crisis related to the birth of their baby.  With advocates at hundreds of agencies referring women for our assistance, Cradle of Hope spans the state to help provide a positive alternative to abortion and promote the sanctity of human life.