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Testimonials / Changed Lives

Grateful: I simply cannot put into words how grateful I am to have received assistance from Cradle of Hope. It allowed my daughter and me to remain in our home while I continued to look for work and take care of her. Read More – K.


Donors & Volunteers



If my daughter could talk: I want to thank you guys so much for helping me and my daughter.  You guys paid my electric bill.  If my daughter could talk she would say thank you also. You are a great group of people. This really helped me.  It got me back on my feet.  I can’t stop thinking about how you guys paid this for me.  It means the world to me.  Thank you!  -K

Help and Encouragement: After I had some medical complications, I lost my job.  I want to thank you for providing me with a portable crib and a wellness basket.  I don’t have much and not many people in my life who are helping me.  This meant more than you know.  Thank you for all the help and encouragement you provided to me and my family. Thank You! -C

Melanee Chose Life: During her first trimester of pregnancy, Melanee got very ill and was not able to continue her job at Home Depot. She was able to get some of her pay, but it did not cover her rent or expenses. She is also in the middle of a separation from her husband, which has impacted her financially. Not only is Melanee dealing with stress financially, but she is also dealing emotionally with the fact that her baby might be born with Downs Syndrome. Melanee has three other children living with her. In order to avoid future financial crisis, her oldest daughter is going to move in to make sure the family is able to stay in their home. Melanee hopes to be able to return to work during her second trimester. Melanee was denied Emergency Assistance and she does not recieve food assistance. Melanee is hard working and has lived a very difficult life. She is overwhelmed with the reality of what is happening in her life, but she chose to be courageous. Thanks to the donors at Cradle of Hope, Melanee was able to pay her delinquent rent and relieve some of her stress.

You Helped Me Through: I wanted to take time out to thank everyone who helped me through this tough time. I just had a baby who requires an apnea monitor 24 hours a day. Getting back to work like I had expected didn’t happen. – B.

On The Fence: Your help relieved a lot of stress. I was on the fence about having my son, which I am so sad to say. Now, I am glad I had him. He is the light of my life. – A.

A Curveball: Sometimes life throws you a curveball. It is a blessing to have someone catch the pitch when you are not able to. Thank you so much! – D.

He Left: I can still cry when I think of how helpful Cradle of Hope was. I was saving money for the new baby and missed work due to complications. There is no support from the father of the baby; he left. – T.

Thank You For Your Help: The doctor put me on bed-rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. My due date is 4/7 and bed-rest began 2/19. My job will not pay me for that time, which left me in a stress zone because I could not pay my rent. I would like to thank you for all your help. E.

A Financial Plan: I was able to keep a roof over my little girl’s head and it made me sit and figure out better ways to pay our rent. R.

Safe Slumber: I had just been laid off from my job when I found out that I was pregnant. With no source of income the Pack N Play came in handy, plus with little room at home it’s the only one that would fit. G.

You Changed My Life: A piece of paper with the Cradle of Hope number on it changed my life. S.

Donors & Volunteers

Maguire Agency & the Clysdale Family: Maguire Agency has been guiding businesses and families on insurance matters since 1928 and has supported Cradle of Hope for decades.  Cradle of Hope’s office space which is located in Roseville, Minnesota, is generously provided by Maguire Agency.  In addition, Maguire Agency and the Clysdale family supports Cradle of Hope monetarily so families facing a crisis feel supported and choose birth for their unborn babies.

Clem and Molly Commers: Clement “Clem” and Molly Commers are ordinary people who got some literature in the mail from Cradle of Hope one day.  They decided to get involved because they wanted to help families who were struggling including pregnant women who were questioning if they should give birth to their babies.  Clem and Molly recently participated in Cradle of Hope’s annual Pot O’ Gold Sweepstakes held in March and were selected as the 2016 grand prize winners receiving $1,000.  They graciously decided to donate their winnings to Cradle of Hope so more families could be helped and more lives could be saved.  “We were happy to donate it!”